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Why has my water bill gone up?

We aim to keep your water bills low. The average Yorkshire Water household bill is below the national average. The average household water bill is forecast to increase to £385 per year which is less than the rate of inflation. Some of our customers may see a slight increase above the rate of inflation depending on the services they receive. The increase in household water bills has been authorised by our regulator Ofwat and will be used to pay for the increased cost of the products and services we use to supply and treat water and investment in further improvements.

How do I request a copy my Yorkshire Water bill?

You can use our online request a copy of your bill feature. Simply fill in your details and follow the steps.

If you still need to contact Yorkshire Water to request a copy of your latest bill you can get in touch using our free live chat service or if you’d prefer you can use our request a call back service which is also free. Our call back service means you can pick a convenient time for one of our agents to give you a call back and help you to get another copy of your Yorkshire Water bill.

I’m having trouble understanding my water bill, who do I contact?

If you need any help understanding your water bill you can use our handy online tool which will guide you through a breakdown of your bill charges. Make sure you select whether you have a water meter or not before you begin.

If you still have questions or would prefer to speak to Yorkshire Water you can contact us free via our call back service or alternatively you can use our live chat function to get help and advice about your water bill straight away.

How do I submit my water meter reading?

We’ll take your water meter reading at least once a year. If we are unable to take a reading for any reason then we’ll leave you a card for you to send us your own reading. Don’t worry if you water meter is outside your home, we will take the reading. Once you have taken your meter reading check that it is similar to the reading on your latest bill. You can submit your water meter online.

You will need to input your customer reference number (from the top of your last bill), your reading and the date you took the reading.

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  • You can chat directly to a member of our team on the Yorkshire Water Twitter page

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