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Will you repair my water leak for free?

We offer free leak detection and leak repair service if there is a leak in the supply lines to your property. Please bear in mind that this is subject to certain terms and conditions and that leaks on supply lines are legally the responsibility of the property owner.

If you are unsure who is responsible for a leak that you are aware of, please contact us using the live chat to speak immediately to somebody who can help.

How long does it take to repair the water leak?

You must ask for a free repair within 28 days of becoming aware of the leak. We’ll only repair your supply pipe up to the point at which it enters or runs underneath your home or an outbuilding.

If we confirm that there is a leak on your supply pipe and that a repair is appropriate, we’ll carry out the work within 28 days. This allows us to plan repair work in an efficient way, and we’ll not charge you for any water lost in the meantime.

If we’ve already repaired the supply pipe at our expense within the last two years, we may turn down your request for a free repair. This does not apply to repair work that is still under guarantee.

Will I be charged on my water bill for the water leakage?

In the event of a water leak that causes your water bill to rise, we may give you an allowance against the excess water that is lost.

This allowance is subject to certain criteria but is available whether you repaired the leak yourself, or contacted us to repair your pipe. This also includes leaks on the supply pipe underneath your home or outbuildings.

To receive an allowance for water leakage, you must have either repaired the leak or made an enquiry for a free repair from us within 28 days of you becoming aware of the leak. We may also decline water allowance money if the leak has been caused by negligence.

Checking your meter reading regularly can help you to detect water leaks early on. For help or support understanding your meter reading, you can use the live chat to speak to an agent who will be happy to help.

Please be aware that allowances usually relate to leakage from supply pipes. We may consider an allowance for excess water charges that are due to leakage or wastage arising from faulty plumbing, relating to ball-valves or central heating systems.

Can I contact you again if I move home?

Should you move house and suffer leakage from your supply pipe there, you’ll also be eligible for an allowance, irrespective of any allowances at your previous property, provided that you meet all of the criteria laid out above.

Remember to contact us for advice if you are concerned about leaks in your home.

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